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Our trust/wealth management department is comprised of experienced financial professionals who take the time to truly understand your financial needs. Our goal is to preserve your wealth today, for your benefit tomorrow.

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    Estate Planning and Administration

    As executor of your estate, FCN Bank will work with you and your attorney to formulate an effective estate plan to serve as a guide, now and in the future, to meet your tax, investment and legal objectives:

    • To gather assets of the estate and determine their disposition.
    • To provide for the support and financial stability of your heirs.
    • To preserve your wealth for future generations.
    • To minimize the tax burden and other expenses associated with the settlement of your estate.
    • To guide your estate through the probate process.
    • To prudently manage the investment of liquid assets until their final disposition.


    Trust Administration

    Like a will, a trust is a written document that transfers property. A will is a statement of what you want to happen to your possessions after you die; a trust is a multipurpose tool that you can establish at any time to manage your property, distribute income and assets to your beneficiary, avoid probate and save taxes.

    Investment professionals experienced in fiduciary responsibilities will work with you and your attorney and administer your trust according to your goals and specifications.

    • Personal trusts
    • Special needs trusts
    • Conservatorships
    • Charitable trusts
    • Foundations

    As trustee for the trust you create, FCN Bank will manage the assets in the trust, provide for the needs of the beneficiaries of the trust through periodic distributions of income and principal, file tax returns, report to the court if warranted, correspond with various parties to the trust, and liquidate the trust when it reaches the end of its life.


    Weatlh Management Fee Schedule

    All fees are based on the total market value of your
    account as valued quarterly.

    For managed* trust accounts, conservatorships, individual retirement accounts and personal investment accounts

    First $1,000,000 in asset value = 1.0%

    Next $2,000,000 in asset value = 0.8%

    Next $2,000,000 in asset value = 0.5%

    Balance above $5,000,000 = 0.4%

    Initial set-up fee = $500.00

    Minimum annual fee = $1,000

    *For non-managed account, the fee schedule is one-half of the schedule listed above, with the same set-up and minimum annual fees.

    Summary of Services:

    • Provide investment management and administrative services
    • Purchase and sell securities
    • Collect income
    • Process distributions
    • Invest cash balances daily
    • Provide tax accounting
    • Quarterly account statements

    For estates where FCN Bank serves as executor:

    First $100,000 in asset* value = 7.0%

    Next $100,000 in asset* value = 6.0%

    Next $100,000 in asset* value = 5.0%

    Next $200,000 in asset* value = 4.0%

    Next $500,000 in asset * value = 3.0%

    Balance above $1,000,000 = 1.5%

    Minimum fee = $3,000

    *Probate assets

    Summary of services:

    • Inventory all assets in probate
    • Provide for orderly liquidation of assets
    • Custody and safekeeping of assets
    • Invest cash balances daily
    • Collect income from assets in custody
    • Provide tax accounting
    • Provide reporting to court
    • Provide quarterly statements

    Note: A charge of $70 per hour will be assessed for other extraordinary services that are provided. Extraordinary services are those not included in the normal course of estate administration, such as for the administration or liquidation of complex, time-consuming assets.




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