Home Refinance Loans

There are many benefits to refinancing your mortgage. Not only can you reduce your monthly payments, but you can also sometimes consolidate other debt at a lower rate, find cash to make home improvements, and other advantages your FCN Loan Officer can explain to you.

Should I be refinancing my mortgage?

It’s true for most homeowners, their home is the biggest asset they own. Refinancing is not just a transaction to lower your payment, shorten the term, or pay off other debt, but a tool to help your entire financial health. FCN Bank Mortgage lenders understand the importance of structuring a mortgage, so it is more than a home – it’s an asset.

Local refinance decisions

Your finances are important and FCN Bank treats it as such with local decision making. Our knowledgeable Mortgage Specialists can give you the best options for your transaction. Via online, phone or in person we are ready to work with you on achieving your financial goals.

Loans are subject to credit approval.