FCN Commercial Real Estate Loans

The FCN commitment to building stronger communities extends into commercial real estate loans as we work with businesses and farms that need to purchase real estate to build their business. Commercial real estate loans can provide other benefits like tax benefits and protection from unexpected rent increases. You can also use an FCN Commercial Real Estate Loan to refinance a current loan and use the equity in your property to remodel or expand your business.
The experienced FCN Lending Team stands ready to help you with a wide range of available mortgage amounts and maturity terms.

FCN Owner-occupied Commercial Real Estate Loans

  • Flexible interest rates available
  • Terms and amortization up to 25 years
  • Real estate secured line of credit option

Small Business Administration (SBA) financing

Your FCN Lending Specialist can also help you decide if a SBA loan may be right for your farm or business. SBA 504, SBA 7A, and SBA Express programs offer benefits such as lower down payments and longer financing terms.

Loans are subject to credit approval.